Internet Link Failover

Are you worried what would happen if you lost your Internet link for a few hours or days? Below is a solution that a small business can implement to provide automatic link failover in the event that your fixed line Internet fails. The below DrayTek router will allow multiple WAN connections. In this example we …

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Internet Link Failover With 4G

Does Your Business Have Mission Critical Internet Links? If So, What Is Your Plan If There Is An Outage? Rosh-Tech IT provides an Internet link failover using 4G option for all customers starting from $15 per month! The primary link can be any type… EFM ADSL NBN Fixed wireless The secondary (failover) link will be a …

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VPN Router For Remote Access

Securing Your Network Is Easy With A VPN Router For Remote Access. Do you have terminal server that needs to be accessed remotely? If so, then it is very important that it is not available directly from the internet. Using alternative ports is not acceptable as all ports are able to be scanned and accessed …

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