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Internet based phones are modern technology that can help businesses cut costs. Rosh Tech is a trusted provider of business internet phone services to SMB’s across South East Queensland and Northern NSW. We regularly help businesses get started with internet phones on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ballina, Yamba and all along the east coast to Coffs Harbour.
  • Dramatic improvement in functionality
  • Help migrate away from traditional land lines
  • No more line rental
  • No more offshore call centres
  • Roll out easy to use, highly efficient cloud based phones
  • No line capacity issues
  • Your customers get you the first time, and every time

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    VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

    VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

    What Is VoIP? VoIP is a service where all your business calls are handled over the internet. An internet phone number is not tied to a land line, making it possible to receive and make calls on a desktop computer, laptop or a mobile phone app, anywhere with internet access. Other than that, it is just like any other phone service. Your customers won’t know the difference, except perhaps with improved communication as your employees can be accessible from anywhere!

    Work smarter with cloud phones that support your business.

    Rosh Tech Cloud Phone Service offer a hosted phone system and voice plans at affordable rates to suit small and medium businesses. Make local, national, mobile and standard national calls at a low cost with our plans. Our internet phone plan takes care of all the phone services and features necessary for running a business: call forwarding, conference calls, voicemail to email, music on hold, greetings, joining two callers and more. The internet phone service is easy to use after initial setup, no technical expertise needed. Our local technicians complete the entire setup process from start to finish, with clear communication to you throughout the process and reliable system management afterwards. Get in touch and our staff will be happy to discuss how business cloud phones help you achieve your business plan.

    Why migrate to VoIP for your business?

    To provide an amazing calling experience to your client. The perks of VoIP phones compared to traditional phones are unbeatable. Cloud phones are a modern and efficient way to cover over-the-phone business communication.

    Eliminates Single Point of Failure

    A traditional phone system is quite vulnerable to failure. A defective phone line, power outage, faulty equipment or damage to your building all brings your communications to a halt. With internet phones this risk is all but eliminated.

    Cost Effective Solution

    Internet phone plans are a fraction of the cost of traditional phone plans, saving you money on hardware and on call costs.

    Technology That Supports Mobile Employees

    With the use of softphones you can turn your computer, laptop or tablet into a business phone. As long as you're phone is connected to the internet you have a working business phone making relocation or managing remote workers a breeze.

    Unified Commuincations

    With a dedicated portal set up by Rosh Tech for your business, all your details, call history and voicemails are available at a click of a button all in one place.

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    Cloud Phone Features

    • Call forwarding Conference calling
    • Blind call transfer
    • Attendant call transfer
    • Voicemail to email
    • Direct voicemail transfer
    • Join 2 callers
    • Call screening
    • IVR/Welcome greeting
    • Mailboxes
    • Music on hold
    • Page groups
    • Time & date groups
    • Detailed call reporting
    • Access anywhere
    • IP phone settings
    • Hunt/Ring groups

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