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At Rosh Tech, we pride ourselves in a consumer focused approach. Machines are no longer the focus, nor are print speed or duplex. We understand that your company is looking to add more functionality to your paper-based processes as you transition to fully digital workflows.

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    Scanning & Workflow Automation for SMB's

    Most of the Managed Print Solutions (MPS) industry is out of date in comparison with other areas of IT. MPS customers are desperately looking for innovation, industry expertise, customised solutions and a commitment to continuous improvement from their providers. It is no longer enough to talk about cost savings.
    Rosh Tech provide a service and feature-led offering designed to enhance functionality and add a variety of services to your existing set up.
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    How Rosh Tech Digital Solutions Can Help You Grow Your Business?

    Our team members are notified and act quickly, ensuring smooth and continued printing outcomes for your organisation.

    Effective Cost Recovery

    Effective Cost Recovery

    Automated User Reminders

    Automated System Administrator Alerts

    We are not interested in puching new hardware turnover; we are intrested in supporting your workflow and the processes that happen before and after that print device.


    Recent studies show that 2 out of 3 adults own and frequently access information through a smart mobile device. When it comes to business, more and more employees are adopting a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) option.
    With cited benefits including increased productivity and improved employee morale, it’s no wonder business managers are looking at ways to make it easy to integrate mobile devices into the workflow.
    We no longer have to be sitting at a desk to read an email or check a calendar; we can even keep up to date on current affairs or plan for a meeting while taking the train. With this comes the expectation that we can carry out normal activities anywhere, any time – even printing. Mobile printing means that you can print any document from any platform, at any location. The only requirement is a wireless network. The main benefit is convenience.
    Your mobile device can be connected back to your home, work or desk printer via the internet. Essentially you can upload documents to an email account or online file sharing platform that has been configured with your printer. Once you select print, your desktop pulls the information from the online location and sends to the printer in your office – as easy as that!
    At Rosh Tech we strongly believe in empowering you to freely and successfully work independent of your office or home. Mobile printing solutions are an essential part of this freedom.

    Why use Rosh Tech for your digital solutions?

    We find you the best fit

    At Rosh Tech, we are not dependent on one carrier. We can work with any carrier to create the best outcome for your business. With us, you can even switch carriers while keeping the network design and architecture that we set up for you!

    Complete peace of mind

    We understand how disruptive connectivity problems can be to small businesses. We pride ourselves on our ongoing management methods, where we track the network to fix problems proactively. Our mission is to give you complete peace of mind with an internet connection that’s fast, reliable and secure at all times.

    We are big on communication

    Our supportive and friendly help-desk staff are always happy to get on the phone and assist you. They make sure to explain things thoroughly and without too much technical talk.

    Local Technicians

    Our local technicians based in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Northern NSW are there to solve your problems promptly if any issues were to come up. Our technicians work with your business long-term, so they know your systems through and through.

    Whatever your needs may be, we can create a solution that works. When you choose Rosh Tech for your scanning and workflow automation, we partner with you to help your business get ahead with technology.

    Call us today at 1300 666 040 to discuss the right solution to help your business thrive.

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