Small and medium businesses need access to streamlined technology services to run their organisation. Technology service delivery needs to provide the maximum possible value at the most cost effective price. This article discusses Roshtech’s new technology model: VIPC for SMBs, and how it is designed to make life easier for local businesses to deal with …

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Business Cyber Training

Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear of a customer having to deal with an attempted cyber attack. What’s needed is some basic Business Cyber Training to prevent the likelihood of a successful attack. Examples include: monitoring business email conversations sending emails to the AP dept. advising of changed bank accounts requesting users allow …

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Web Hosting, Domain Names And SSL Certificates Renewals

Do you get emails telling you to renew the following?               – Web hosting                         – Domain names                     – SSL certificates What are they for? Web hosting: this is the service provided to enable your website to be online 24×7 (from $10 per month) Domain name: your organisation should have its own domain name so that your website …

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Internet Link Failover

Are you worried what would happen if you lost your Internet link for a few hours or days? Below is a solution that a small business can implement to provide automatic link failover in the event that your fixed line Internet fails. The below DrayTek router will allow multiple WAN connections. In this example we …

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