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With 30+ years of experience in IT support, Rosh Tech is a reputable small business IT partner. We love reliable, consistent business IT support and hate hidden fees. That’s why we pride ourselves on offering the best IT support service possible at a low fixed cost. Our skilled engineers support a wide range of vendors, applications and systems.  With all support based on shore and local, rest assured that your IT headaches will soon disappear.

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    A custom IT support solution for your SMB

    As a Brisbane-based family business, we know what it’s like to run an SMB. We understand small businesses need value for their money. Our proactive approach will help your business cut down costs and prevent outages.

    Most IT companies offer purely reactive IT support – they only fix things once they're already broken. We like to do IT support a little differently, always recommending a custom package that includes a monthly component of proactive care.

    When you partner with us, we’ll tailor our services to your needs. You’re guaranteed to get expert-level business IT support services every time.

    How IT Support works with Rosh Tech

    Book a FREE 30-min intro IT call.

    Do you know you need an IT support plan, but not sure where to start? Our free 30-minutes intro calls are the perfect starting point. We’ll audit your current situation for free and then make recommendations on the best IT support solutions for your needs.

    Only pay for what you need

    Every business is different. With our custom plans, you only pay for the IT support you need. Our tailored fixed cost IT support plans are ideal for SMB’s, giving you the best value for your money.

    Rapid response to all IT outages

    IT downtime is costly to small businesses. Our IT support service team are spread up and down the east coast and respond rapidly to all types of IT system outages. We are close by and our qualified system engineers are always ready to get you back online fast.

    IT Support that supports your business. 

    Call Rosh Tech on: 1300 666 040

    We get it - you need an IT support partner you can rely on. When you partner with Rosh Tech, our highly competent and friendly tech staff will become your new IT department. We’re not one of those IT companies that send in a different techie every time. With us, you get a dedicated team you’ll come to build a long-term relationship with.

    What’s more, we can deal with tech vendors on your behalf, making sure your best interests are realised. Our customers continue to work with us for our fast and reliable IT support service, minimising downtime and cutting costs.

    No matter what industry your business is in, our IT support service can help. Our IT support includes a variety of on-site and remote support to help you when disaster strikes.

    • Onsite IT support

    Meet your new IT department that is fast to get to you and fast to make problems go away! Our dedicated team of engineers can look after every aspect of your IT infrastructure.

    • Qualified system engineers

    When you partner with us for IT support, you’ll have peace of mind. With our qualified system engineers, you know your IT infrastructure is in the best hands.

    • Free loan servers

    When disaster strikes, we provide your business with free loan servers and infrastructure while fixing the problem. This way, we get you back online in the shortest time possible.

    • Monthly proactive maintenance, server recovery simulations and advanced security

    Our Trusted IT Partners.

    How much will IT downtime cost your business?

    Lost productivity, paying employees who can’t do their work, reputation damage in the eyes of your customers… the cost of IT downtime adds up. Most likely, your business relies on IT infrastructure every day to function. Having a professional IT partner like Rosh Tech can give you peace of mind that is priceless. We look after your IT, so you can look after your business.

    Whether you’re suffering from a sudden server outage or need to get set up for new users coming on board, our IT support can help.

    • The server is down!

    System failures happen, sometimes with disastrous repercussions. When they do occur, our priority is to minimise the downtime. We provide our clients with free loan servers and infrastructure to resume business functions while we fix the problem. Suffer from outages a bit too often? You might want to look into our proactive IT maintenance services.

    • New users are coming on board!

    Running a business is busy work. Have you ever realised on Friday that a new employee is starting on Monday, but they have no computer? When new users join your organisation, our IT support can get all infrastructure set up and ready to go. With our local technicians, we are known for our fast service.

    • We need Office 365!

    When you need to take care of a big project, such as an Office365 rollout, we’re here to help. Our team works around your schedule, allowing for a smooth transition so your people can keep working. Your IT support time block can be allocated to different projects as needed.

    Who does Rosh Tech work with?

    • Not For Profit
    • Medical practices
    • Small Business
    • legal practices
    • digital agencies

    Legal practices often need to handle confidential information, requiring sophisticated and highly secure IT systems. We can set up and monitor your systems, so you can feel confident knowing your data is safe. Tech is the cornerstone of every firm.  Accessing your matters digitally from anywhere makes our clients more productive giving them time and confidence.  In turn, this gives your clients the best possible experience.

    What our customers say about Rosh Tech

    After dealing with so many inept It service providers over our 4 decades in business it was a refreshing change to meet a company that has been in business almost as long as we have and knew exactly where our problems originate from and how to solve them. If 30 years in the IT business must be measured in dog years making Rosh Tech a seasoned player with 30 years of accumulated knowledge and it shows. Our account manager has been there for almost twenty years and our assigned engineer for 14 and being the experienced professionals that they are have worked tirelessly and efficiently to get our IT setup up to scratch and keep it ticking along like never before. Highly recommended.

    Bernadette G - Gold Coast Manufacturing

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