Internet Link Failover With 4G

Does Your Business Have Mission Critical Internet Links? If So, What Is Your Plan If There Is An Outage?

Rosh-Tech IT provides an Internet link failover using 4G option for all customers starting from $15 per month!

The primary link can be any type…

  • EFM
  • ADSL
  • NBN
  • Fixed wireless

The secondary (failover) link will be a 4G dongle configured in an active-passive state.

If the primary link goes down then the secondary link comes online quickly. With typical 4G link speeds of 40/10mbps the performance of the failover link is excellent.

The two main options for the 4G dongle are listed below…


  • $15 per month for 2GB data
  • $10 per 1GB top-ups
  • month to month
  • Can upgrade and downgrade as required
  • eg: $50 for 25GB
  • Good coverage most areas
  • Huawei E3372 4G modem $19 once off


  • $15 per month for 1GB data
  • $10 per 1GB top-ups
  • 2 year contract
  • Good coverage most areas
  • Huawei E8372 4G modem included

Note: if/when the 4G failover link is required, the data caps and charges may become an issue. The 1GB or 2GB caps above are acceptable for small outages. Both Optus and Telstra charge $10 per 1GB for excess data. That means that if you function on failover for a few days and chew through 50GB of data then the excess data charge would be 50 x $10 = $500.

The Telstra deal is a 2 year contract so there is no flexibility with the arrangement. The Optus deal is month to month so if a sustained outage is occurring you can upgrade to a high value plan and keep your costs down. In the above scenario, Optus has a 50GB plan for $70….significantly less than $500.

The above scenario is unlikely but it is worth considering the options with respect to excess data.

Internet Link Failover Using 4G Options

If you have any questions about your Internet link failover using 4G options or if you can implement failover please contact us.

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