How Can I Improve My Backup?

How Can I Improve My Backup?

The best single improvement you can make to your organisation’s business continuity plan is to perform regular recovery testing. The answer to the question “How can I improve my backup” comes from a common sense approach to testing and then improving the recovery procedure.

The only way to know for sure how reliable your backup is, is to do a full test of the recovery procedure.

This will provide answers to these three critical questions…

(i)             Was the recovery of the systems successful?

(ii)            How long did it take to recover?

(iii)           Did the systems come back with full data integrity?

The above procedure is not difficult and is a simple planned exercise recommended to all small businesses. This procedure should be run on all systems, regardless of where they are hosted.

Talk to a Rosh-Tech IT representative for more information on recovery testing.

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