VPN Router For Remote Access

Securing Your Network Is Easy With A VPN Router For Remote Access.

Do you have terminal server that needs to be accessed remotely? If so, then it is very important that it is not available directly from the internet. Using alternative ports is not acceptable as all ports are able to be scanned and accessed by hackers.

The risk is that hackers are able to easily find your connection for open ports. Once they can detect that your terminal server answers on the open port then they can start a brute force attack. They normally target a system account, such as the SQL Service account. Brute force attacks are usually carried out by “bots”. They will attempt to guess the answer repeatedly until eventually they get access.

Once the hackers gain access, the common strategy is to install their cryptolocker program. Since they know that backups are used to recover from cryptolocker attacks the first location they lock are your USB backup drives. After that they go after the main storage.


Roshtech recommends that a DrayTek VPN router ($450 and compatible with NBN) is installed. The DrayTek VPN router for remote access with be configured to authenticate all remote users. This provides 2-factor security and ensures you eliminate the above type of attack. 2-factor security adds an extra step in the login process that makes sure only properly identified users can gain access to your IT systems. Adding this additional layer of security makes it much harder for hackers to gain access to your servers.

So check that your IT systems has a VPN router installed for remote access. If not, your servers could be open to a Ransomware attack which usually means major disruptions to your IT environment. Roshtech provides the services to install and manage VPN routers as part of our business IT support packages.

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