Review your security while working from home

Review your security while working from home during COVID

We have noticed over the past few weeks that many customers are now working from home. This has been an excellent response to the Covid situation and social distancing. I think it is worthwhile to review your security while working from home during COVID to cover off on some of the security issues that are relevant in moving from an office environment to a home environment.

Remember: hackers can work from home too during Covid.

  • Antimalware: if you are using a home computer for work then it needs to have business grade antimalware installed. Roshtech recommends Webroot. Your organisation can arrange with Roshtech to provide Webroot for installation on your home computer during Covid.
  • VPN: if you are connecting to a server or PC in your office then you must use a VPN (virtual private network). This protects your organisation from hackers getting into your network and it stops people from intercepting your VPN traffic to read the contents. Never use an open port on your router to shortcut the VPN. The consequences of not using VPNs include ransomware attacks.
  • Passwords: never write your passwords down or leave them sticking to your screens. Keep them private and tell our helpdesk if you are concerned that someone may know it.
  • Patch management: ensure that all servers and computers have service packs and updates installed and tested. This should be part of your regular monthly maintenance and ensures that the latest security patches are in place. Hackers specifically look for servers and devices that do not have the latest patches.
  • Office 365: check that 2FA (two factor authentication) is setup on all your Office 365 accounts. In addition, access the Office 365 security and compliance centre for an extensive range of security options.
  • Backups: if you have onsite servers and data ensure that offsite backups are being performed. Either someone has to take the backups offsite every day or use Roshtech’s cloud backup service to perform automatic daily offsite backups.

The above is a basic list of items that will make a significant improvement to your organisation’s security if followed correctly.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to review your security while working from home during COVID please feel free to reach out to us to discuss further.

Roshtech also provides an advanced security solution tailored for SMBs that is based on a cost per user per month. Click here for more information.

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