Roshtech cloud phones

Roshtech cloud phones solve Corona work from home challenges

Roshtech cloud phones solve Corona work from home challenges

I have spoken to a number of businesses in the last couple of months whose workers were having to have calls diverted from the office number to their mobile phones. Unfortunately they didn’t have the ability to transfer calls or find missed/dropped callers. The work from home situation has really underlined how important it is to have a flexible communications system that allows you to be contactable wherever you need to work from. My message to those business was that our Roshtech cloud phones solve Corona work from home challenges.

Have you heard of Cloud phone systems? Perhaps you have heard of VoIP? The new cloud phone systems connect all of your communications via the Internet and require no expensive hardware to be installed in your office. In fact, we have found that Roshtech cloud phones solve Corona work from home challenges easily by simply enabling users to take their handset home.


During the Corona lockdowns have you been working from home? If so, were you able to take your office phone home and plug it in? Many businesses with a traditional PABX installed in their office are not able to do that. Their handsets are tied to their office, unlike cloud phone systems that can plug into any Internet connection wherever and whenever.

Some more benefits of the cloud phone systems include
• softphone apps that enable you to make and receive work calls through your notebook, iPhone or Android.
• super cheap to run compared to traditional Telstra pricing
• easy to access support to make changes as required

More information

For more information on cloud phone system click this link to view the Roshtech cloud phone system brochure. With the Roshtech cloud phone system you also get the advantage of having your IT and Voice managed by the one company with a single bill each month.

Let me know what you think about it or if you have questions about how it might work in your organisation.

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