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Small and medium businesses need access to streamlined technology services to run their organisation. Technology service delivery needs to provide the maximum possible value at the most cost effective price. This article discusses Roshtech’s new technology model: VIPC for SMBs, and how it is designed to make life easier for local businesses to deal with …

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Manage Backups

There will be a incremental Backup Files YYYY-MM-DD HHMMSS folder in the Backup Set… folder location above that contains ZIP folders each under 200MB in size. These ZIP folders contain the selected backed up files. If a file that you included to be backed up is larger 200MB then it will be automatically broken up …

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IT Staffing – Another Option.

In-house vs outsourced IT support – here’s what you need to know No matter what your business does, well-functioning IT systems are key to successful operations. If your business is reaching a stage where you need dedicated IT staff, you’re probably trying to decide whether to outsource or insource the work. Or, maybe you already …

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How Can I Improve My Backup?

How Can I Improve My Backup? The best single improvement you can make to your organisation’s business continuity plan is to perform regular recovery testing. The answer to the question “How can I improve my backup” comes from a common sense approach to testing and then improving the recovery procedure. The only way to know for …

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Simple Website Maintenance

The Complete Guide To Website Maintenance Plans So, your new (or old) business website is up and running. That means you can sit back and relax, right? Think again! Your website is what the front of your brick and mortar store used to be – the first impression of your business. The visitors to your …

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