Business Cyber Training

Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear of a customer having to deal with an attempted cyber attack. What’s needed is some basic Business Cyber Training to prevent the likelihood of a successful attack.

Examples include:

  • monitoring business email conversations
  • sending emails to the AP dept. advising of changed bank accounts
  • requesting users allow remote technicians to control their systems


The strategy is clearly to exploit the human behaviour element present in every organisation and as a result cause more damage and disruption to business. Consequently attacks are going to get more refined and certainly more frequent.

eg: what happens if someone sends an email from Dan Murphys at 4pm on Friday afternoon offering a free $50 voucher. How many users will click it?

As a result users are stressed to open an email or click an attachment. They know what the reaction will be if they are one that brings down the company network for two days or more. The problem is that most organisations take a reactive approach to the problem and wait until there is an attack before doing anything. What is required is to get on the front foot and educate your users on an ongoing basis so that they are aware of the types of risks and attack strategies.

The solution to this problem is not a technical one rather it is about arming your users with the knowledge and skills to deal with the attacks. After much thought and research, Rosh-Tech has developed an online Business Cyber Training and simulation platform in partnership with Webroot.

The idea is simple

  • educate
  • test
  • simulate attacks
Business Cyber Training
Business Cyber Training

Users are in the front line dealing with hackers every day. Most of the annoying emails business users used to receive were advertising while in contrast now they are phishing for your organisation’s bank details, customer personal information and opportunities to extort.

Our Business Cyber Training solution provides ongoing training, exams and simulated attacks and more importantly the reporting and follow ups to make sure you users cyber awareness is improving (eg: the Dan Murphy’s example above).

The Price: $10 per user per month*

You can get onboard today by visiting

Cyber Training brochure

* minimum signup period of 12 months, fee payable monthly

** maximum user discount is 60%

*** Rosh-Tech Business Cyber Training is delivered in partnership with WebRoot

Contact us if you have any questions.

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