Where Is Your Domain And Website Hosted?

Where Is Your Domain And Website Hosted?

Every small business will have at least one domain name and one website.
Eg: dominos.com.au, afr.com, cleanaway.com.au, itp.com.au

But Where Is Your Domain Name And Website Hosted?

Your domain name will be hosted with a company that you pay an annual fee to for the service. Sometimes your domains might be located at different providers making it difficult to understand where they are and when they are due for renewal.
Q: How much should you be paying per year?
A: Around $40 per year.

Multiple Domains And Websites?

If your organisation has multiple domains and websites then you should host them all on the same platform with a single provider. This will make tracking and renewal of the domains much simpler. You should also get a much better deal on the hosting arrangements as many providers have sweet deals on hosting multiple websites.

 You should aim to get all your domain names hosted with a single provider that you can talk to and understand the arrangement. After all, your domain name is critical to your business success as your website and emails reply on it.
Your website will be hosted by the same or a different company. Again it is important that you understand where they are hosted (the company should be reputable and provide a fast responsive website experience) and that you aren’t paying too much for the hosting service.
Q: How much should you be paying per year?
A: $120 for one website, $200 for unlimited websites
Services that your web provider need to be able to offer:
– Domain hosting
– Website hosting
– SSL certificates
– SEO/SEM advice
– Website backups
– Website creation/migration
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