Small and medium businesses need access to streamlined technology services to run their organisation. Technology service delivery needs to provide the maximum possible value at the most cost effective price. This article discusses Roshtech’s new technology model: VIPC for SMBs, and how it is designed to make life easier for local businesses to deal with technology.


Rosh-Tech has developed a new service delivery model for SMBs that packages all the technology services into one simple, affordable arrangement that is easy to understand and comes on one bill per month.



Traditionally, IT companies grew out of providing onsite and remote IT support to customers. As the internet grew, more and more devices were added to customer networks that became manageable by your IT support technicians. Consequently, Roshtech has adapted to improve our service delivery to SMBs.

With the implementation of the NBN and increasing adoption of cloud services, it seems that everything is connect-able and customers’ data and applications are accessible from anywhere.


VIPC: Voice.IT.Print.Cloud

Roshtech is leading the way with creating a forward thinking model for supporting small and medium size businesses in Australia and developed VIPC for SMBs. We recognise that we need to define and roll-out a supply and support model to meet the technology requirements of our customers. Hence, we have adopted the VIPC trademark as our way to focus in on what matters to our customers.


One provider One Bill

We regularly hear from customers that they prefer to deal with one technology provider and receive one bill each month for their technology services.


VIPC for SMBs services include:


Cloud phones


Boardroom conferencing

Managed services

IT projects

IT resources



Managed printers Microsoft 365

Hosted servers

Website webshop

Cloud backup



VIPC for SMBs experience

Our experience with Voice.IT.Print.Cloud goes back 30 years and  many of our customers are already taking advantage of our expertise. We have been kept busy rolling out new VoIP phone systems on our Cloud Phone platform since 2017. Our IT support plans based on a block time and managed service model have been in place since 2005. Our fully managed Print/copier solutions provide customers with a simple “cost per page” solution. Roshtech was an early adopter of the Microsoft and Amazon cloud services, and we have had our own cloud backup platform in place since 2012.


Getting access to VIPC for SMBs

The best way to experience VIPC for SMBs model is to reach out and contact Roshtech. Our team are trained and happy to discuss the VIPC approach to maximise the benefits for your organisation.

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