Web Hosting, Domain Names And SSL Certificates Renewals

Do you get emails telling you to renew the following?

              – Web hosting          

              – Domain names       

             – SSL certificates

What are they for?

Web hosting: this is the service provided to enable your website to be online 24×7 (from $10 per month)

Domain name: your organisation should have its own domain name so that your website and email addresses are named according to your organisation’s name. eg: abc.net.au and jack@abc.net.au (from $20 per year)

SSL certificates: are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a user’s browser and a website they are viewing. This will protect data entered onto the website such as credit card information (from $90 per year).

The next time you need to renew the above visit our webshop or talk to us for more information.

Once you renew the above through Rosh-Tech IT you will receive a reminder from us every year 2 months in advance of the renewal dates.

All prices are Ex GST unless stated otherwise.

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