Do I need to backup Office 365?

Do I need to backup Office 365?

Many of us believe that it makes sense to move our IT workloads into the Microsoft 365 cloud. However, some believe that because data is in the cloud, it is automatically backed up. Still others believe that Microsoft OneDrive file sync is a replacement for backup. These are all misconceptions. Backup is equally important for Office 365 as it is for onsite deployments of Microsoft applications. And while the systems and availability of the Microsoft 365 platform is world class, it is worth considering the risks.

What can go wrong?

1) accidental deletion: an employee mistakenly deletes a file or folder. Users can easily delete data and conversations in SharePoint, Groups or Teams — or overwrite versions of existing data.

2) malicious deletion: Disgruntled employees may intentionally delete their own files or files in shared folders before leaving the company. Or an outsider might gain access to Office 365 files and folders via a stolen laptop with a weak password. Worst case scenario: an Office 365 global administrator wipes user accounts on his way out the door and locks other admins out.

3) ransomware: A user accidentally downloads ransomware to their laptop
and local files are infected. If users have OneDrive sync turned on, infected
files are immediately copied to the cloud.

4) customisation: Office 365 customization offers a lot of benefits, however custom designs, solutions, workflows, branding and other modifications to user-facing sites introduce the potential for technical faults and glitches. This means customization may need to be rolled back once errors have been found.

What is the best option?

WebRoot Carbonite Backup is the best way to protect against accidental or malicious file deletion, other user errors, ransomware and data corruption. Microsoft’s native tools offer some protection, but WebRoot backup solutions ensure that you can restore quickly and meet data retention and sovereignty requirements for all Office 365 data.

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