Comparing the Cisco ATA SPA112 to Other Options for Sending Faxes on the NBN

Comparing the Cisco ATA SPA112 to Other Options for Sending Faxes on the NBN

Any size business can benefit from using faxing. It is an effective communication tool in many companies since it enables the speedy and secure sharing of crucial documents. Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) has grown, giving businesses a number of options for transmitting faxes. In this post, we will be comparing the Cisco ATA SPA112 with alternative NBN faxing solutions in an effort to aid businesses in making an informed choice regarding their faxing requirements.

Section 1: ATA SPA112 from Cisco

To enable the transmission of faxes over the internet, the Cisco ATA SPA112 is a device that converts analogue signals to digital signals. It may be set up with little to no technical expertise and connects to a fax machine or multifunction printer using a regular phone line.


Reliability is one of the distinguishing qualities of the Cisco ATA SPA112. Due to the device’s high quality and low mistake rate fax transmission capabilities, crucial documents are sent precisely and on time. Additionally, it has the advantage of supporting simultaneous transmission of several faxes, which makes it a practical option for companies with heavy faxing demands. To secure the confidentiality of sent documents, the Cisco ATA SPA112 also has a number of security features like password protection and encryption.

In comparison to conventional phone lines, the Cisco ATA SPA112 is a less expensive option. Businesses can afford it because it simply requires a single purchase and has no commitments or continuing expenses.

Section 2: Additional NBN faxing options

Sending faxes over the NBN is also possible using a number of additional methods. These consist of analogue phone lines, electronic faxing services, and virtual faxing programmes.

Traditional phone lines are trustworthy, but because of the continuous costs and contracts, they can be expensive for businesses. Given that they can only send one fax at a time, they might not offer as much efficiency as the Cisco ATA SPA112.

Using online faxing services

The ability to send faxes via email or an online portal makes using online faxing services convenient. However, they rely on internet security rather than a specific device. So they might not give the same level of protection as a physical device like the Cisco ATA SPA112. Online faxing services might be expensive options because they frequently have contracts and continuing fees.

Virtual faxing options

Although virtual faxing options are comparable to the Cisco ATA SPA112 in terms of effectiveness and dependability, they might not be as simple to use or set up. They frequently demand the usage of a different virtual phone number, which some customers may find confusing. They might also demand recurring payments and commitments, making them a potentially pricey choice.

These alternatives pale in comparison to the Cisco ATA SPA112, which delivers a blend of comfort, effectiveness, dependability, and security. It is a practical option for companies wishing to send faxes over the NBN because it is affordable and simple to set up and use.

Case Studies in Section 3

Numerous companies have used the Cisco ATA SPA112 as a faxing solution on the NBN with success. These case studies show how well the gadget works to enhance workflow and communication inside an organisation.

A law company that required a dependable and secure mechanism to send critical information is one example. The company had been faxing through regular phone lines, but there were problems with the reliability and accuracy of the transferred documents. The company improved their efficiency and guaranteed the privacy of their clients’ information by moving to the Cisco ATA SPA112. By doing so, they were able to send faxes with little error and good quality. The business was able to send many faxes at once thanks to the device’s dependability and effectiveness, which also increased productivity and saved time.

Example 2

Another illustration is a tiny accounting firm that was looking for a cheap and effective solution to send and receive faxes. The practise had been using online faxing services previously, but discovered that the costs and contracts needed were mounting. The office was able to streamline their faxing procedure and save time and money by switching to the Cisco ATA SPA112. The practise found it simple to switch to the new faxing solution thanks to the device’s user-friendly design and simple setup. The device’s dependability and efficiency helped to improve their workflow.

The advantages of the Cisco ATA SPA112 as a faxing solution on the NBN are highlighted by these case studies. The device’s dependability and effectiveness have helped firms streamline their operations and provide better customer service.


In conclusion, the Cisco ATA SPA112 is a trustworthy and effective choice for companies wishing to send faxes over the NBN. Its straightforward setup and use make it an economical option that can enhance communication and workflow in a corporation. Businesses that need to communicate confidential data will find the gadget to be a useful option. Mainly because it can send numerous faxes at once and has security features like password protection and encryption.

The Cisco ATA SPA112 stands out as a well-rounded option that provides simplicity, dependability, and security. Especially when contrasted to alternative options like conventional phone lines, online faxing services, and virtual faxing solutions. It is a cost-effective solution that only needs a single purchase. Furthermore, it has no ongoing costs or commitments, making it an affordable option for companies.

Based on the material in this article, it is advised that companies looking at their NBN faxing alternatives take a close look at the Cisco ATA SPA112. It is a dependable option that can enhance a company’s productivity and communication due to its track record of dependability and effectiveness. In addition, its user-friendly design and simple setup.



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