Standardise New Desktop And Notebook Rollouts

A simple approach to standardise new desktop and notebook roll-outs will both increase the efficiency of delivering new computers to your users, and lower costs.

Do you get frustrated with different versions of computers and operating systems and applications in your office? There’s nothing worse than users having different operating systems, programs and printers installed on their computers. It makes communicating support issues and fixes between users difficult and reduces operating efficiencies.

Rosh-Tech provides a simple roll-out strategy to keep all your devices on the same page.

Rosh-Tech will build the ideal computer build (SOE: standard operating environment) and store it safely. Each time a new computer is ordered the SOE will be used as the image. This ensures that the operating system, settings, applications and antivirus are all ready to go straight out of the box.

The initial SOE build typically takes 3 hours and is done as a once off job. This will get you to the point where you can standardise new desktop and notebook roll-outs. Then, for a fraction of the cost of an onsite installation, a new computer is loaded up with your organisation’s SOE image and delivered to site. And because every new computer is loaded with a proven SOE image it means that there will be less glitches and unexpected behaviour.

This will significantly reduce the time and cost of deploying new computers. In addition it makes the job of supporting an organisation’s fleet of devices much easier. Organisations also find that users are much more receptive to receiving a new computer that comes with a SOE. This is because the device environment is optimised and it is clear that the organisation has planned their roll-out strategy in advance.

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