Cloud Fax For Small Business

How will you fax after the NBN?

The NBN is coming and the removal of landlines means that your fax machine will stop working.

There is a real need for a Cloud Fax for small business solution after migrating onto the NBN.

Q: What Are Your Best Options?

A: The simplest option is the Rosh-Tech IT eFax system which is an online portal where you can send and receive faxes. You don’t need any additional hardware and the cost is only $0.20 per fax to send and receive. This is a great way to keep the option of a fax going indefinitely into the future and you only pay for the faxes that you actually send and receive.

If you need a more robust and high-volume fax solution then Rosh-Tech IT recommends GFI Faxmaker Online.

GFI’s Cloud Fax for small business service allows you to send and receive faxes from your desktop computer rather than having to use a fax machine. This means you can pickup and send your faxes from your mobile phone.

Setup Of Cloud Fax For Small Business

Setup is simple and is done via a web based portal. You can specify which users can send faxes and which users will receive incoming faxes. Usage reports are also emailed to a company contact regularly so you can see how many faxes are being sent and received.

You must start the process by starting a Faxmaker online trial. Then if you decide to subscribe to the service then you will receive an activation code which will turn the trial into production. Porting your existing fax number is only possible after you have subscribed.


Sending a fax is as simple as sending an email.

You simply send an email to the recipient using their fax number in the To: email address. Lets say their phone number is 0752225222. In this example it is as easy as sending an email to [email protected].

Furthermore, you can write a fax message in the email body. In addition, documents, PDFs and other attachments that need to be faxed as well can be attached in the email. Attachments that you can fax include .DOC, DOCX, .XLS, XLSX, .PPT, PPTX, .TIF/TIFF, .TXT, .HTML,  .RTF, .PDF,  .JPG, .VSD,  .GIF.

Inbound faxes are sent to you via email. You can nominate one or many staff members to receive and distribute faxes. The one company can even have multiple fax numbers inbound faxes can be distributed to different staff members. Say you have multiple locations then you can keep your existing fax numbers and have consequently have those faxes automatically distributed to the appropriate staff.

Most of all, existing fax numbers can be ported to the GFI Faxmaker online service to ensure continuity of faxing.

You can order GFI Faxmaker online directly from Rosh-Tech IT. Below are the Faxmaker charges.

Faxmaker Online Fees…

Faxmaker online account    $148.50

1800 fax pages inbound or outbound LOCAL in one year    $206.55

Number porting    $195.00

Q: What Next?

A: If you would like to arrange for a trial of Cloud Fax for small business then contact Rosh-Tech IT and we will send a technician to set you up with Faxmaker online to use for free for 30 days.

Ask Rosh-Tech IT for a quote for the setup fee which will be dependent on the size of the company, number of fax lines, numbers to be ported etc.

*All prices are Ex GST.

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