Ongoing SEO Maintenance

Ongoing monthly maintenance of your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation) is an important part of any business’s marketing plan.

Q: Why do it?
A: Improve your search rankings and build up your website

Items that are covered each month include the following:
– Reviewing website’s analytics
– Make changes to your site based on results
– Review Google Ads performance
– Analyse better performing competitive websites
– Review key search terms/phrases
– Review recently added posts
– Review mobile-ready status of website
– Recommended posts and pages
– Redirecting 404s
– Reporting and updating on SEO changes and trends

The above tasks take one hour per month and include a written report that is then discussed with each end user then any additional required work is planned and implemented.

Q: What does maintenance cost?
A: 1 hour per month costs $120 (based on a pre-purchased block of hours)

Note that the above maintenance plan can only be put in place immediately following on from a complete website optimisation review. That means that following website attributes need to be reviewed and brought up to date first:
– technical
– meta data
– site structure
– keywords
– links
– 1-time local SEO NAP (name address phone)
– on-page optimization
– content

Q: What does a website review cost?
A: 1 hour costs $120 (based on a pre-purchased block of hours)

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